Discipline and Removal

Discipline is the key to success, so it must be maintained at any cost. Parents will particularly make sure the following point for compliance.

  • The students should be neatly dressed in school uniform.
  • They should reach the school in time and be regular in attendance.
  • Permission must be obtained in writing in advance by parents for the absence or leave of the child from the school.
  • Continued absence without permission for over 15 days will lead to the student’s name being struck off from the student roll.
  • A student found guilty of misconduct is liable to be removed from the school. In this connection, Principal’s verdict will be final.
  • The child who does not score the pass marks in each subject will not be prompted to next class


  • As per syllabus booklet, two terminal exams are held during a year.
  • Progress report is sent to parents after each/ test Exams
  • Parents are allowed to see the answer books of their wards on parents Teacher meeting.
  • Unit test are the regular feature in the form of Formative Assessment.
  • A student will have to pass all the subjects in order to get promotion to next class.
  • Pass percentage is 40% in each subject from nursery to 8th in each subject. Pass percentage for class 9th is 50% in each subject.

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee for two months must be deposited by 10th of the Starting month in April, June etc. Fee Card is a must for entry of fee. In case of its loss or damage, a fresh fee card will be charged for delay in the payment of fee.